Compute & Storage

close-up of data center cables

Data Storage

Research Share (P: Drive)

The Research Share, also known as “P Drive” is a mappable network share hosted on the UBC Okanagan campus.

UBC Microsoft OneDrive

UBC Microsoft OneDrive allows users to securely store, share, and synchronize files and folders from anywhere at any time.

ARC Chinook Object Storage

UBC ARC Chinook is an object storage platform available to UBC researchers through application.

For more information on how to choose which storage option may be right for you, please look at:  INFORMATION SECURITY STANDARD U3


UBC ARC Sockeye

UBC ARC Sockeye is a high-performance computing platform available to UBC researchers across all disciplines.

Cloud Computing

Cloud environments provide a powerful and flexible computing option for research.

For hardware and technical specifications, please visit: